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General Brushware

A comprehensive range of brushes, brooms, squeegees and boot cleaners to suit all industrial, janitorial and hygene requirements.

Industrial and Janitorial Brooms

A range of brooms with wooden backs, hair / fibre fill ideal for dry, smooth dusty surfaces. Widths include 45cm, 60cm, 75cm and 90cm.

Commando Image

Supa tuff range

Includes a range of Australian made brooms in 35cm, 45cm and 60cm widths. The come with a soft poly fill, an industrial mix and a hard poly mix.

Floor squeegees

Rubber squeegee held securely in an aluminium frame. Comes with a replaceable rubber blade in 45cm, 60cm, 75cm and 90cm.

Floor Squeegees
Floor Squeegees

Scavenger and Yard Brooms

Scavenger Brooms
A heavy duty range of soft, medium and hard poly bristles captured in a galvanised steel frame bent into an open rectangular form. Ideal for small to large particles in dirty, wet and dry areas. Suitable for job sites and council usage. Material can be washed out of the centre of these brooms. Widths include 35cm, 45cm and 60cm.

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Yard Broom
Tough 35cm brooms with wooden back and fill of 0.045" Black & Tan Poly. Ideal for small stones, dirt and tough requirements of civil construction. Can be fitted with 25mm or 28mm handles.

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Heavy Duty
Very heavy duty 38cm brooms ideal for roadmaking crews and civil works gangs. Wooden backed with, 0.045" and 0.075" poly bristles. Generally fitted with 28mm handles.

Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty



Boot Cleaners

Stainless steel base, housing 3 replaceable brushes 300mm long x 300mm wide x 125mm high. Suitable outside offices where boots need to be cleaned or disinfected before entering.

Boot Cleaner