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RCM Scrubber

RCM's floor-scrubber-drier range includes numerous models to meet a variety of cleaning needs. These machines are suitable for cleaning a variety of smooth flooring surfaces in shopping centres, hospitals, offices, sporting facilities, schools, universities, restaurants, airports and many other locations.

Greasy, oily workshop floors can be scrubbed by using a Tynex brush and detergent. Tynex brushes are impregnated with abrasive to cut through dirt and grease build up.


BIT - a small self driven pedestrian scrubber with a single brush
GO - twin brushes designed for fast cleaning and leaving no wetness behind, very manoeuvrable in tight spaces
MEGA - professional walk behind scrubber-drier for medium sized areas
ELAN - smallest of the ride-on range, very manoeuvrable
DRIVE T - ride-on for medium size areas, 36v gives long bettery autonomy
JUMBO - coverage of approx 4500 sq metres per hour ride-on scrubber
METRO 1303 - 1300mm scrub path, 6500sqm per hr, large commercial ride-on machine