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RCM Sweepers

We stock Poly & wipe segments to suit a wide range of trailer & tractor brooms.

These sweepers are suitable for warehouses, factories, workshops, agricultural packing sheds, street sweeping... anywhere that dust and debris needs to be removed. With over 40 years experience, RCM is a leading European manufacturer of industrial sweepers and scrubber-driers.

A comprehensive range of sweeping machines is available. All sweepers in the range use both brushes and vacuum suction to remove dust and debris. With filters used to capture dust.

Selection of the correct machine for your requirements is based on the following

  • the size and conditions of the area that needs to be cleaned
  • the type and quantity of material that needs to be removed
  • the time frame required to do the cleaning (all machines are rated in sq metres per hour)


Brava - self propelled pedestrian sweepers generally 12v battery powered
Slalom - compact ride-on sweepers, battery powered
Atom - compact ride-on with a choice of battery, petrol or LPG fuel
703, Otto - mid size ride-on sweepers
Boxer, Mille - 1200mm to 1350mm sweep path, high dump
Duemila - 1900mm (with 2 side brushes) cleaning capacity
Patrol Suction Street Sweeper - 4 cyl Kubota diesel power

Local Parts and Service

We stock a full range of replacement brushes and filters to suit sweepers and scrubbers. Service requirements are also managed from Townsville.