Print Page Brush & Brooms - Road Sweeping

Spray Suppressant

Rigid or flexible backed to suit the trucking industry, for pest and herbicide spray hoods and other applications where dust, debris and liquid spray needs to be contained.

Rigid back strip brush

Available in Stainless Steel straight strips 3000mm in lengths and a variety of bristle lengths. Standard bristle lengths are 75mm, 100mm, 175mm and 275mm.

Pre curved stainless steel backing (to fit truck guards)

Available standard with 100mm trim length – with or without fixing studs Other styles include 880mm Pre curved without studs and Low Profile Pre curved with studs

Flexible back strip brush

Available in continuous lengths up to 60m. This is ideal for forming around uneven and non parallel surfaces. Standard trim lengths include 75mm, 100mm, 175mm also 175mm and 275mm in 1800mm lengths

Carriers and Clips

Individual "F" and "H" section clips are available in steel spring and aluminium to facilitate mounting strip brushes. The same sections are also standard in 3000mm aluminium lengths