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Strip Brushes

Strip brushes are made standard in various forms. They include strip brushes with a rigid metal back (zinc plated or stainless steel), punch strip brush (timber, nylon or poly backing) and moulded strip brushes (where poly bristles are fixed into a cast polyurethane backing).

Strip brushes are used as dust & doors seals, agricultural spray suppressant, conveyor cleaning, food processing plants and other industrial applications.

Rigid back strip brushes

Rigid back strip brushes are made by filling brush fibres into continuous metal channel. This channel can be left in the straight form, manipulated to form spiral wound brushes on a core, or a loose spiral. Moulded back and punch strip brushes are also available.

Door Seals - 4mm and 8mm strip brush are available in standard 3000mm lengths with various bristle lengths ranging from 10mm - 50mm (4mm) and 25mm - 275mm (8mm). Fill materials are generally 0.007" nylon (4mm) and 0.015" / 0.022" poly (8mm) 12mm strip brushes are made to order.

Aluminium holders are available in standard 3000mm lengths in both "F" and "H" section to mount the 4mm and 8mm brushes.

Punch Strip Brushes

These brushes are made by stapling knots of fill material into pre drilled timber, nylon, polyethylene or other suitable materials. Depending on applications and width of strip, a variety of fill patterns and densities can be designed to suit all applications. Fill materials can be made short for hard aggressive brushing or long for soft sweeping. Flexi back strip in 8mm x 8mm and 15mm x 15mm can be made in continuous lengths up to 100m long. Punch hole sizes can vary from 3mm to 9.5mm.

Fill materials available include:- polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene (Supasoft), horsehair, mexican fibre, brass and stainless steel.

Moulded polyurethane strips

These brushes are made by moulding polypropylene fibres directly into the base or mould. This type of brush making is virtually unlimited in terms of bristle length and density. Molds can be made to suit nearly any requirement.